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Holiday Spirit at HaydenCG

HaydenCG was founded on 3 core values:

  1. Be Committed

  2. Do the Right Thing

  3. Seek Adventure

As we looked to end our first full year in support of a worthy cause, we solicited recommendations from our team of organizations that reflected these values. We had a number of outstanding submissions, and ultimately selected Outdoors Rx as our 2020 charity.

Outdoors Rx is part of the Appalachian Mountain Club; serves families living in vulnerable communities; and aims to improve the mental and physical well-being of children from infancy to age 13 by helping them get outdoors. Outdoors Rx gives healthcare professionals dedicated tools for prescribing outdoor activity, and that is certainly a commitment to seeking adventure that HaydenCG heartily endorses.

Thanks to the generosity of the HaydenCG team, many of whom made donations, with a corporate match, we are pleased support this organization. If you are looking for a worthy, socially-distanced cause to support, we recommend this one.

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