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Hayden Consulting Group is focused on the US Commercialization and Market Access space – exclusively.  The payer, reimbursement and commercialization market dynamics are extremely fragmented, complex and produce distorted incentives.  Companies that understand these dynamics, can create unique opportunities for success.  HaydenCG partners with our clients to provide them with winning strategies, backed by facts and data, and to accelerate their performance in the market.


Optimize your Investments

  • Expertise in navigating and winning in the complex world of access and reimbursement

  • Strategic guidance on the investments which pay off, and the ones that don't

  • Knowing where Market Access is heading, not where it has been

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Focus on What's Critical

  • Pre-launch, launch, growth and maturity - the brand lifecycle phases all require focus and all can provide opportunities to create differentiation

  • Linking your Access investments with your Sales and Marketing pull-through are great white-board concepts, but uber challenging in a matrixed organization

  • HaydenCG brings technology, analytics and strategy to the fore of bridging these gaps and making implementation work

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Preparing for Change

  • Healthcare, and medicines specifically, are under constant scrutiny from policy-makers

  • Not all proposals require contingency planning, but some could drastically alter competitive dynamics

  • Understand the "what", the "how" and the "why" of critical policy proposals - so the answer to, "now what?" is in your back pocket right when you need it

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